Quality policy
Customer centric, regulatory standards, continuous improvement of product quality, meet customer requirements.
Quality objectives
Strict process control, make a lumber disc pass rate reached 98.5%, the customer complaint satisfaction rate reached 100%.
The steel tube under the quality inspection department, the center for testing station, raw materials department, warehouse, loadometer.
Quality inspection department consists of internal inspection department, inspection department, physical room, metallographic room, measuring room.
Quality inspection organization
The steel pipe is the company's quality inspection and material quantity, fluid metering management of Weifang Steel Technical Supervision Department is the company's quality inspection and material quantity, fluid metering management department, responsible for the company, the original factory import fuel, furnace, auxiliary materials and intermediate products, process quality control and the quality of finished products check and import materials, plant plant material turnover and fluid metering tasks. Responsible for improving the quality, creating famous brand products, continuous improvement, to meet customer needs, the implementation of the quality policy, responsible for the company's 2000 edition of the ISO9001 quality management system supervision and guidance. Work to do fine, special and stronger ", and constantly promote the quality data objectively, accurately and rapidly, strengthen the process of quality control and information communication, to ensure that the procedure for the creation of quality good conditions for the next step, to improve the quality of products is not broken.
There are more than 20 sets of large equipment of direct reading spectrometer, microcomputer controlled testing machine, automatic industrial analyzer, coal industrial analyzer, N.O analyzer Universal microscope test equipment. With the advantages of carbon steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, billet, hot metal (Sheng Tie), the detection ability of alloy ore, iron powder, pellets, sinter, coke, coal and accessories, test data to meet or exceed the national standard. Metering equipment is mainly 100-150 tons of car weighing 7, 100-300 tons of track scale of 3 units.