Weifang Steel attaches great importance to environmental protection enterprises, workers in the widely advocated and throughout the whole process of the production activities, and actively promote pollution control and afforestation, has invested 200 million yuan for environmental governance in the production plant, reduce pollution and improve the atmospheric environment, and has been rated as Weifang city economy advanced units and advanced environmental protection unit. On the other hand, adhere to pollution control, energy saving, waste management pay close attention to improve. Waste residue, waste water, waste gas, waste dust has been fully developed and utilized, the annual benefit of more than 6000 yuan. The use of circulating water heat blast furnace, coke oven, the heating heating of life; all the recycling of steel slag, iron oxide, iron and other debris all waste; dedicated to environment greening, landscaping, greening rate of more than 39%, the Weifang Steel maintained a "resource consumption, low environmental pollution development advantages less". And realize the zero discharge of waste residue, waste water, waste gas and waste dust.
Environmental measures:
1, waste slag by water quenching after recycling of scrap iron and steel, 30 thousand tons a year, part of the water residue returns for iron making raw materials, another part of the water slag cement sold raw materials, we are building the slag grinding equipment, the blast furnace slag into cement micropowder additives can increase the utilization rate and the added value.
2, waste water: all the equipment of the company with the use of softened water cooling, the use of closed circulation cooling system, greatly reducing the amount of water consumption. Supplementary water quenched slag water plant discharged wastewater as water quenching slag, spraying dust, sintering, coking mixing, recycling use of water to reduce the consumption of tons of material, the water consumption is less than 4m3, lower than the national standard tons of material consumption.
3, the smoke dust is composed of gas and dust, gas is gas burning heat, dust is the main component of fuel and mineral powder, the average price of 800 yuan / ton. The company uses advanced dust removal means to separate the gas and dust, and the dust returns to the material inlet for re smelting. At the same time, the converter gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas collection, a part of the steam used to generate steam to generate electricity, some of the remaining gas used to heat steel. The company's gas and residual pressure power generation project put into operation the installed capacity of nearly 80 thousand kilowatts, the total amount of electricity to fully meet the production needs of enterprises.